Sunday, February 15, 2015

Breaking It

But first here’s a sight you don’t see to often at a gas station.  It was a camel.  No it wasn’t one of those other things.   It was a camel.  I couldn’t tell if had one hump or two.DSCN0607

Breaking it in – the new Harley that is.  Drive so many RPMs and not at any constant speed and don’t do this or that for the first 500 miles.  OK I can do this.

Carol went line dancing and I went into town (Phoenix).  I figured that was a good place to get a variety of driving speeds – the city.  I first went to Harbor Freight to get my needed 4” drop hitch.  Then I went to Stubbs Harley Davidson to see their bike museum.  Wow, 2 million dollars worth of old motorcycles.  It was awesome and worth the drive.  Nine different countries were represented by their motorcycles.  I would go back again for sure.

Then I rode up to place called Cave Creek.  Whoa… it was a motorcycle gathering.  So many bikes that you couldn’t even start to count them.  On the side of the road, in parking lots, at pubs, etc, security not letting big vehicles in parking areas, police directing traffic.  It was like a mini Sturgis for sure.  I even saw two trikes like mine.  It was slow moving and cool.  I didn’t stop.  I didn’t see any signs of being a special event or anything.  It was getting late so I headed back.  I got back at 3:45 PM just in time for social hour.  I ended up going 165 miles.  It was nice.

Social hour was over at Walt & Kellie’s.  We stayed for about 2 hours.  Walt was our entertainment.  He spilt my drink in his chair.  He had his plumber britches on too.  I guess he was proud about his moon because he kept showing everyone.  His moon looked like a pumpkin pie that had been left out in the sun and dried up and then sat on.  Walt… pull your pants up before you bend over.DSCN0609 DSCN0610

After that Carol & I went into Wickenburg for dinner.  It was kinda our Valentines dinner.  The place downtown across from the Horseshoe Cafe was gone.  The only eateries left were at the bars…no thanks.  We went to a nearby Country Kitchen.  We both had frozen chicken fired steak.  At least it wasn’t chewy.  It was fair.  The place got full and they were short of staff of course.  They said they would even hire me.  They are really hard up.

We watched part of the Saturday Night Live special (40 yrs).  That was pretty good.

See ya…….