Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Monday

Today will be our last day here at North Ranch Congress, AZ.  It will be quite some time before our return probably.  The last time I said that we returned within a month.

We are basically packed up and ready to move.  We have this down pretty good being full timers.  Carol does the laundry our last day before we move.  I look at the temperatures outside in the mornings to decide the day before or on move day morning to do the outside hook ups.  Cold water hoses and sewer pipes aren’t easy in the real cold mornings.  Since we don’t know where we will be the next few nights we will be loaded up with water.  The day temps are not hot and the nights are in the mid 40’s so that’s pretty good.

I haven’t cleaned the Jeep real good due to the power steering leaking on it from the Baby going down the road.  Just one more day of that hopefully.  Then I will wash it, wax it and put the front bonnet on it.  I already got my “stuff” in it that we will carry on our big journey.

Luke and Judy stopped over in the afternoon for a chit chat and to compare our summers.  Nope, we ain’t going the same places this year but did in 2011.DSC_0001

We went over Steve & Lila’s for dinner along with Denny and Susie. DSC_0006

Lila is into beading you think?DSC_0002

We then went over to Ed & Sandy’s to see their new kitchen floor.  It really looks nice.  We will see them in about 2 months in Wy probably.

See ya……………………..