Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not In Over 40 Years of RVing

First time in over 40 years of RVing I smashed a RV towing/pulling electrical cord.  Fifth wheels, trailers, towing cars, I was so  extra careful with the tow cord.  Opps, not this time.

I usually bungee cord it up and away from anything that might drag under the hitch.  I hadn’t yet with this new rig but will now.  I did this about 50 miles from here pulling out of a gas station.  I heard the scrape.  One reason was the steepness of the exit and the other was because I hadn’t tied the cord like I usually do.  Lesson relearned.   I do have a new spare one and will use to test.   The old one I rewired and will continue to use after I make sure it works OK of course.  It’s better than new as Tim Allen would say.DSC_0001  

I hooked the Jeep up with it.  On no.  No right Jeep tail lights – nothing.  I disconnected the Jeep and made sure the Jeep was OK and it was.  That means my repair was not done right (not me) or there were blow fuses.  Tomorrow I will get out my spare cord and hook up the Jeep again and see if I get the same results.  I think I got some blown fuses in the RV (tow vehicle fuses).

To add to this pity pot the Jeep is losing air in one it’s tires.  About 25 lbs a day.  I also got one tire on the RV that loses about a 1/2 lb a day.  What's up with this?  It’s been well over 15 years that anything like this has happened much less two tires.  At 9 AM I pumped my Jeep tire up to 30 lbs.  At 9 PM is still had 30 lbs in it.  The difference is that I took off the air sensor.  I will know for sure if the rubber thing inside the air sensor is bad since I left it off.  I got extra air sensors thanks to Larry Forbes.  He sent me his old ones since he got another type of tire air monitoring system.  Thanks Larry…..I think.

Jon & Sue Glick came over for dinner.  I had some cooked ribs from the other day in the freezer and got those babies out for us.  No problem.  I warmed them up and soaked them in some apple cider and they were still pretty dog on good if I say so myself.  We talked about the usual stuff to include Alaska.  It was a good time.

I got one more cook out planned for Tuesday with Greg and Jan White.  They’re coming over from TTN Lake Conroe to visit us.  Or maybe it’s the ribs. Boy oh boy, can’t remember the last time we saw them, maybe 2013 or even longer.  I guess that’s just another subject that we can talk about.  We all have a special pet – a cat.

See ya…..