Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Of This & That

First thing was to test the Jeep’s tire pressure.  Still 30 lbs from yesterday.  Good to go.  I will reinstall another air sensor another day.

Next was to test the electrical towing cord that I repaired.  I just hooked up a new cord that I have.  The same failure did not occur.  That means that my repair job on the old cord is not so good.  I rewired one end and my work in the middle and then it worked.

I don’t work well in clean areas.DSC_0004 

I now bungee the electrical cord up and away from the bottom of the rear of the hitch. DSC_0005DSC_0006

I wonder if my gasket for my power steering reservoir came in at Houston Freightliner.  I was suppose to get a call last Thursday or Friday.  I called them and  what a screw up.  I sent an email to one of the head guys of the Houston area Freightliner/Sterling organization.  He relied back with an excuse and will call me when the part is in for the third time.

Next was to make reservations at Hart Ranch in Rapid City, SD for late and early May.  Since we want to stay 3 weeks in the area we decided to go ahead and make the reservations around late April and early May.  Two out of the three weeks.  No problem.  Hart Ranch will runs us about $15 a night.  Elks are $20 as is the nearby military base.  Hart Ranch has them beat hands down.  It’s a membership park (AOR, RPI, PA) is the reason for the low cost of this park.  We’ve stayed many times over the years and we rate it as one of our favorite parks overall.

Since it’s suppose to rain tomorrow I washed the Jeep.  A friggin bird pooed on the Jeep while I washing it.  Well, the bright side is that he missed me.   Plus I wanted to guarantee the rain of course.   It seems the birds around here have made our vehicles the target of opportunity for them. 

Hey, it’s above 70 degrees.  Mid week we go back to the 60’s and 30’s.

Hey Ed, I bought a Black & Decker electric knife.  If you want me to cut on you instead of those doc’s out there in AZ today, just let me know.  Hey guy….it will be OK buddy, semper fi….

See ya for sure….