Sunday, July 27, 2014

Alaska Day 63 Some Stay Some Go

Butch/Kathy and Ed/Sandy left today for Seward.  Seems like they didn’t know which way to go. DSC_0004 Mark left for Homer Spit.  Let’s see who that leaves – Chuck/Kathy, KC/Shelia, Steve/Nancy and us.  It is Loosey Goosey.

Goodbyes…DSC_0001 DSC_0003

We went over to the Leonard’s and wanted to thanked them one more time for having the halibut cook out.  they weren’t home.  Probably out fishing.  We left them some Texas pulled pork bark with friends there that we had saved for them.

The word is that David Kropp fell out of a boat in the Kenai River while fishing.  We heard that he’s a little water logged and is OK.  The important thing is that he did catch his limit of salmon before he went swimming

It almost hit 70 degrees today plus it was sunny with a slight breeze.  Nice……..  Ed called and said they took the rain with them down to Seward.

Tomorrow is the ear doc for me up in Anchorage.

See ya…