Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alaska Day 52 Wildlife Conservation Ctr

Today was go and see the saved animals at the Alaska Conservation Center in the Portage Glacier area.  But first here is the back drop for our campground…and yours?DSC_0168

And then on the way we got to get our first photograph of a Bald Eagle….DSC_0109

With the tour saver coupon book it was only $12.50 total for both of us.  Buy one get one free.DSC_0113

Wow so many stories about the animals and how they ended up here.  Too many to tell all….This guy is about two years old and was found in a backyard as a baby with no mama.  He is sucking the worker’s finger.DSC_0127

Don’t he look like a Bullwinkle…DSC_0128

Elk herd…DSC_0121  If you click on this picture and look close,  you can see me taking the picture in the eye.DSC_0119



Young moose with each its own story.DSC_0129

Musk OxDSC_0132 DSC_0134

We weren’t sure if he was alive…DSC_0136

then he scratched….DSC_0139

This one was asleep too!DSC_0140

Their are prairie bison and wood bison.  Most people are use to seeing the common prairie bison.  These are wood bison which are bigger and heavier.  They have several herds (100s) here and will be releasing them in 2015.  How cool.

DSC_0149 DSC_0146DSC_0143

This place is a place we go see every year when we are up here.

See ya……