Saturday, July 5, 2014

Alaska Day 42 Still In Denali

I just got our blog up to date early yesterday morning…I think…sometimes there’s no WiFi and sometimes we are just having too much fun to do it.

This morning Carol & I went to Roses Cafe about 10 miles north of here in Healy.  It’s just a homey family restaurant and they aim to please you.  A lot of locals eat there is a clue for sure.DSCN0331

From there we went back to Denali NP and drove about 10 miles into the interior.  We were hoping to see Denali but only got a partial.  The white in the background is the base of the mountain.DSC_0002-001

Coming from there we stopped at the Visitor Center.  In the parking lot we saw a Milepost vehicle/camper.DSC_0001-001

We were taking a picture of it when it’s driver saw us and came over and introduced herself.  She’s Claire Torgerson, Senior Editor of the Milepost.  We talked and talked, blah, blah, blah and she gave us a new copy of the Milepost when we told her ours was a 2013.  She insisted on it.  Nice lady.

At the visitor center we saw a movie called ‘The Heartbeat of Denali”.  Carol bought 2 CD’s of it at Denali’s bookstore. 

It was crowded everywhere around the visitor center that’s why we waited so long to go there.  It needs to be a lot bigger.DSC_0018 DSC_0019 DSC_0020

Back at the RV Brit Mark & Wendy were getting ready to go rafting down the Nenana River.  It’s pretty rough due to all this rain so we will see how they like it.  We got these pictures of others doing the rafting.  We might do it tomorrow.DSCN0329

A few us went to the Prospector’s Pizza for dinner.  Mark Nemeth even caught up with us.DSCN0335   Their pizza was pretty dog on good.  They’re located in the business district across from Denali NP.  It’s a rugged road out front.DSCN0336

Back at the ranch we caught up with Britt Mark & Wendy and their rafting adventure.  They said we would probably like it since we didn’t have any rafting experience.  In other words it was OK for beginners.

All is good……..

See ya……..