Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Alaska Day 65 Anchorage Again

We left Cabala’s and arrived at the dealer at 7:45 AM for our 8 o’clock appointment.  We checked in and added the leak. 

We then headed for a dentist for Carol that we found yesterday near the ENT doc I saw yesterday.  She’s been having a problem with a tooth that we decided it needed taken care of.  Yes, it needs to be pulled and need to see an oral surgeon was the conclusion from the dentist….duh. We knew that and thought that’s what the dentist was going to do.  Noooo… Seems like years ago you would go to a dentist and that dentist would take care of what ever you needed.  Nope not anymore.  We called the dentist specialist and got an appointment for the next day (Wednesday).  Great.

We go back to the dealer about 12:30 and learned that everything was done and just needed to do the paperwork.  They replaced the slide out mechanism on this end.  It’s the two metal bars plus some gears and a motor.DSC_0028 

They said that they found the source of the water leak.  It was an opening where the roof front cap meets the roof and sealed it.

So we are done with the RV dealer and decided to go onto base (Ft Richardson) instead of boone docking again.  We got a 30 AMP FHU for $32 a night.  Not too bad for Anchorage but very very high for a military camp ground.

We settled in for the night and it’s Carol turn to see the specialist for her tooth removal tomorrow.  After that we are done with Anchorage.

Ed/Sandy & Butch/Kathy will be here tomorrow according to Ed.  Not sure how long they need to stay.  Time will tell.  Our next destination will be Valdez.  Maybe one more halibut fishing trip.

See ya………