Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Heater For The RV Now!

We (like Carol & me) were out the door at 6:15 AM on our way to Conroe Medical Center.  It was raining so me riding the bike over that way was out.  We got there about 7:45 and got right in.  I got a shot in the butt for a pick me up.  Sucker stung this time.  It’s my second shot of three then a variety of blood tests.

Then it was to IHOP for breakfast.  It was OK for me and Carol liked her crepes.  I think we go about every 2 years or so.   When we got our $23 bill it was decided that we would wait another 2 years before returning.  $2.50 for coffee – give me a break!

Next was to stop at the Cut & Shoot Chopper shop and talk to them about my Harley.  The guy I talked to I think he just graduated from grammar school.  No, I don’t think he had graduated.  I asked him a couple of questions and I think he’s a left over from the Cheech and Chong era.  Basically bring it in and then they would check it out.

Back to the lot.  We had a used Olympian Wave 6 LP heater setting next to the little RV waiting for us.  I cleaned it up but just couldn’t figure how to hook it up to my quick disconnect inside the little RV.

I went over my neighbor’s place since I saw him outside working on RV stuff.  I showed him the Wave 6.  He has a Wave 4.  We might trade down the road.  Anyhow, he’s like me.  Has LP connections but none that would match his or mine.  We did do a test on my Wave 6 using a BBQ tank – it works fine and is very warm quick.  It will keep that little RV warm very easy.

Dave suggested I go to Livingston LP store.  I did and they had the parts I needed.  So, got back and hooked it all up to the connections in the little RV.  No problem…  LP inside and outside ALL done.

Taking the bike to the repair was out because it started to rain about the time I was going back.  Oh well.  Might not even take it anywhere.  I can ride it as long as I don’t get ON IT (speed wise).  We shall see.

Retirement is really hard when you have friends that still work.

See ya….