Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Retired From Fulltiming

No not us.  Nick Russell and his wife Terry.  They are in the process of settlement on a 1600 sq ft house in Edgewater, Fl.  Nick said they weren’t having as much fun fulltiming anymore.  So they have gone on to their next adventure - settling in their non wheeled home.   He said they would still go out and RV probably during the hot months.

We haven’t found our perfect place yet but are always looking for it.  Keyword is OUR.  Carol likes it here in Livingston.  I’m just kinda OK with it.  We both have the itch to move after awhile.  If something happens to me, Carol will retire here in Livingston on our lot.  She can bury me in the front yard.

Oh, I was on my way at 6:30 AM to get my haircut.  This Livingston barbershop I go to opens at 7 AM.  I got their at 6:50 and I was second.  Ain’t that something.  My hair is very short (Marine like) and my beard I cut off too.  Trying to get rid of all that weight.

It was foggy as all get out this morning.  Why people don’t drive with their headlights on is something else.  It’s not so much the oncoming traffic but the traffic from the rear.  I can’t see them that good without their headlights on.  Oh well, nothing new.  At least I can identify who the carless people are if I can see them!

Afterwards I went to What A Burger for my Biscuit & Gravy ($1.98) plus my free senior coffee.

Today was get my stuff out of the big RV now known as Carol’s RV.  The little camper she proclaimed as mine.  His & hers RV… OK that’s cool.

Mark came over early  in the evening after work and he loaded up his antique BMW.  I had already loaded the Harley and the Honda up by myself.   Figured I better do it by myself now instead of later if I had too.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought.DSC_0003

One in front of the camper and two to be towed.  All antiques including the driver.DSC_0001We won’t pull out till Thursday but figured we would load them now rather than the last minute.

We get 16 GB of data per month on our Verizon plan.  Last night we had used 15.93 GB of data.  We were close.  Today starts a new month.  Most months we are about 6-10 GB. 

Tomorrow will be an active day.   I guess most days are active.  Let me try this again.  Tomorrow we will be rockin and rolling.

Retirement is like welfare.  Not working and getting paid minimum wage.

See ya……….