Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Pickers Made Me Do It

If you haven’t seen American Pickers on TV no sense you reading beyond this unless you like bacon.

Seems like the shows I watch the Pickers are always at an old pickers place of course.  These old pickers are selling because they really just want to make room for more stuff at least most of them.  Well, I’m really really really cleaning the barn out and almost all of it is RV or RV related old but good stuff.  I was in there for a straight 6 hours making piles of throw away, give away and put away.  I’m less than 1/4 thru it all.  This will be an on going event.  I figure I should be done around summer next year.

We had a 2 lb package of bacon getting ready to expire 4 days ago.  Yes, it was a little over the date.  I had the fryer outside from a few days ago when I fried up some taters.  So I took the 2 lbs and cut them up in 1/2 lb batches and deep fried them.  I’ve never cooked bacon this way.  I figured why not?  Man oh man the fryer did a quick and real good job.  I didn’t eat the whole 2 lbs or at least right away.  Carol helped.  I think she had maybe 3 pieces.  Over the next several hours I hate the whole batch.  Yes I did and they were damn good.  I got my bacon fix for the rest of the year for sure.

Still retired and not hungry anymore.

See ya………..