Sunday, October 30, 2016

Captain Morgan

It was time for Jim & Lisa to depart Betty’s.  I think they couldn’t stand all the fun and Cajun food.  After all, they did have a Ham & Cheese sandwich at Bon Creole, a Cajun restaurant. 

Where’s Jim…DSC_0003I found Lisa.  She does the driving.DSC_0005DSC_0007

and then there were two left from Livingston.DSC_0008

We went flea market shopping.DSC_0010

Is this Captain Morgan?DSC_0011

Mark was paying this lady for something.  I don’t think he’s looking in his wallet at the moment.DSC_0012

She posed for this picture for Mark.  I think I will get it enlarged for his pin up wall.DSC_0013

We had a hard time pulling Mark away from her but we finally got back to Betty’s.

For dinner Betty brought me some nice hot dogs and we had some hamburgers.  I cooked them on the grill and we fed anybody who wanted to join in.  We had left overs.  It was a pot luck of sort.  Toni made a lemon meringue pie and it was so good.  I ate my share and the end of the night I ate someone else's too.

Late in the evening Mark and I sat out and smoked a cigar and fixed the whole RVing world.

Retirement is like Halloween – it can be scary sometimes.

See ya…..