Friday, May 7, 2010

Just Another Day Of Being Hot

We had a very peaceful night and slept well at our movie theater parking lot.  We woke up early and headed out for our 250 mile trip to Red Bay, AL  We got on the Natchez Trace Parkway again and enjoyed a nice quite trip.  We arrive at Red Bay about noon and it was hot.  It was so hot that we were even running our generator going down the road for AC.   When we arrived they didn’t have any hook up sites available and we were expecting that.  They got about 100 FHU sites.  That’s a lot of Farton’s (Phaeton). Here’s what they look like.SDC10060

They put us on the back dirt lot next to the employees parking lot. Dusty it was so we moved to a less traffic flow area.  When we checked in we told them that we only had one AC working. They said that was considered an emergency and they would see if they could get to it today. Yea right a Friday afternoon in AL!   Even though the back lot was empty someone parked within five feet of us.  I knew I should have removed those magnets off the side of the RV.  We were getting ready to move to a nice little hidden spot when we got “THE” call to go to Bay 5.  We drove in and it was cool inside.  SDC10061

I told the guy what was wrong with the AC and he asked me if I was sure and I answered “yep”.  He got the part and went on the roof.  It would have taken me about 1/2 hour to fix it so I figured it would take an easy hour here in AL time zone.  We were in and out WITHIN 15 minutes.  Unbelievable. It must have been a northern boy who worked on it.  I forgot to mention when pulling into Tiffin we met Nancy & Orv Hazelton and Larry and Marilyn Forbes.  Nancy & Orv are having a Tiffin built and Larry and Marilyn are having theirs repaired/upgraded.  Anyhow, we got another call, a electric and water space became available and they wanted to know if we wanted it.  Does a bear po in the woods.  Damn, 50 AMP electric and two AC’s – we are in a RVers dream.  We moved again but well worth it.  SDC10062

So us and the “gang” went out for dinner.  Now this little restaurant wasn’t use to Escapees that drink water and aren’t worried when the food comes out.  We sat around for a couple of hours swapping stories and laughing.  We then went back to Tiffin and sat outside and jawed jacked for another couple of hours. 

This is Nancy and Orv’s dog.  Cool eyes…..   SDC10064

This is Nancy and Orv hitting the bottle again.  I think they drank about 30 of these bottles in an hour..I think Orv has a hollow leg where it all goes…


Here’s Larry and Marilyn.  They secretly drink their mixed drinks that’s why they are smiling so much.SDC10069

It was just another good day!

See Ya…………..

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