Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 What A Full Day

First Thank you all for the Birthday wishes.  I didn’t know that many people read this – all two of you…

Hold on here we go…..The birthday boy, that’s me, got up at 6:30 AM which is kinda late for me and it’s now 3 AM.

We went to Belmont, MS for breakfast at a small “Ma Pa” type restaurant called Sparks. Good atmosphere and the food was almost fair – great atmosphere.  Now that I think about it, the locals were just drinking coffee. 


Belmont, MS is home of the Tiffin plant factory.  The “put it together plant” is in Red Bay, AL about 30 miles away.DSC_0026

Then we went to Tupelo, MS.  By chance we found the birthplace of Elvis Presley.DSC_0030

Well folks, here it is.  A two room house with no water, no electric, no Nintendo.  No wonder why they moved when he was 11 years old.DSC_0031

Here’s the church that he developed the foundation of his gospel music influence.DSC_0032

Here’s where he developed his sense of smell….DSC_0033

I thought this little guy was stuffed because he just stood there.  I think he was waiting for his picture to be taken so I was obligated to.DSC_0035

These guys where just hanging around..Hey you had to be there……DSC_0045

Here’s Andy Griffith and Opey………..DSC_0047

Tupelo is proud of their music heritage.  Everybody left these pretend guitars laying around.DSC_0049

OK, so much for the music.  Let’s get it on with the Auto Museum. 

I think I saw a picture with Joe & Kay in one of these.DSC_0053

Before my time….DSC_0055

A woody and still before my time.DSC_0061

Getting close……DSC_0065

How about a 1960 Chrysler with factory dual quads.DSC_0068

Oh no – I’m here in my era. I almost bought one of these – new. I’m getting old.  Nope – there!DSC_0071

Neat place and outstanding restoration on ALL of their cars.DSC_0072

Now it’s lunch time and where does the birthday boy wants to go for lunch in the middle of a food bonanza area?  None other than Sam’s. Sam’s like in next door to Wal-mart.  Sam’s have great Nathen’s king dogs and a large soda for a $1.70.  GREAT DOG.

Then where?  It was snack time at the Dollar Tree store. I got popcorn, whoppers, sunflower seeds, licorice, chocolate wafers and pork rinds.  It’s my birthday and I wanted to pig out on snacks.  Hey, I was having flash backs to the 60’s and having the munchies. 

Then it was a trip back to Red Bay and snacked all the 60 miles or so…

Dinner time was around the corner so we got together with Larry “the Computer Guy” and his young bride Marilyn (Forbes) and we agreed we would go where the birthday boy wanted to go.  So, we all went to the medical center for dinner.  Oh yea we did.  It had been closed down for many years and converted to a ma pa type restaurant.  Ahhh, the sweet smell of hospital #$%**^)! was still amidst. Or was it the dead pig….

Here’s Larry and Marilyn.DSC_0077

The pig is in the middle - at least the dead one..DSC_0081


The hallways were long and the doors were wide.  A great thing for fat people who eat here.DSC_0083

We got our semi private room and the food was brought to us.  I can honestly say that this place has the best barbeque in town.  It’s the only one too.  Again, it’s the atmosphere.  At least the drinks were cold!DSC_0084

We went home and then over to the Forbes to socialize (drink booze) before they leave tomorrow.  They had some friends over that I don’t have their names down yet but I will try before we all leave.  We left after they ran out of wine.

We watched American Idol and then something else and went to bed.  About 2 AM the dog wanted to go out and poo.  She barks to let us know she has to poo.  If we wait, she stops barking and then poos inside.  It’s called experience on our part – every time.  So, she has us trained.  Since I was no longer the birthday boy it was my chore.  As I was going out with the dog the cat ran out.  So, 2 AM with a dog and a loose cat and a 100 RVs that look a like to an animal waiting for cat to get tired of running around like a jack rabbit.  It was even funny at the time.  This cat likes to jump into engine compartments. It was a long night and we caught the diesel cat and all ended well.  Even the dog got to po in the middle of this adventure.  Remember all that food I ate all day – I got to poo poo too!

What a day and it was just another day.  I'm glad this is only once a year thing though. Carol gave me way to much power to do what I wanted to do and all day.  Usually I get about 15 minutes or so….

See Ya……

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