Saturday, May 15, 2010

Driving To Alaska

Carol & I spent about 9 hours on our “Driving To Alaska” power point seminar for the RVSEF Conference. It was very hard.  Since we had lost all of our pictures from AK, we were in a hurt locker. We went to our old blog of our trip to AK and pulled pictures off of it.  What good memories.  We got about 40 pictures and then built the seminar around them.  It was a lot of little steps for each picture then moving it to the power point presentation.  If anyone wants to view our blog from that time it was started in June 2009.  Just keep going back in time and work from the bottom of the list to the right.

We are getting hammered with rain right now (2AM) here in Red Bay.  Good time to check for the slide water leaks Tiffin  have “fixed” several times over the past two years including this past Thursday.

Here are some priceless times.

Life in the fast lane – both lanes..Carol in the road

Top Of The World Hwy…Hwy hell – only if you like mud.Dirty Honda

Mukluk Anne’s – forever gone – a lost treasure. DSC_0015

I told Carol this is what “her” RV will look like after AK.DSC_0019

OK – which one is Bullwinkle?Moose on the road

The glacier came down within 100 yards of the road. We were out of ice for our ice tea too…Near Valdez

I just love this picture and the thousands of pictures that I lost of Eagles.  Guess we will go back 2011.Spread Eagle Seward

Ahhh, memories, don’t we love them.

See ya…….

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