Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hammers, Tiffin Workers & Intelligence

Name three things that don’t go together.

If you look real good you can see a hammer in is hand and he is removing his tow bar with it.  People start your engine, turn your steering wheel, it takes the pressure off the parts and you then can remove the parts by hand.   A hammer only damages the internal parts. This guy is now qualified to be a Tiffin worker! He should apply.DSC_0007


Tiffin workers, the word workers is used loosely and should not be confused with someone who knows what they are doing – one step forward and five backwards.  They had to replace a black wind strip around the front of the door due to faultily factory installation when building the unit.  They chipped paint, gashed the body and got silicone sealer on the acrylic Diamond Shield and made no attempt to repair or tell me.  I found this after leaving the repair bay “Friday”.  I was focused on the slideout adjustment – another poo story.   Now Monday I will go back and see what they think of my blue tape.  I have Bob Tiffin on speed dial and I have used it before and will use it again if they even look at me wrong or use the word  “wait” in any sentence.  DSC_0011

Everyday is an adventure continues for sure.

See Ya…..if not in – never mind…….

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