Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Gads Geeks


It’s Monday on a holiday weekend and the weekenders are leaving in droves.  I guess they got to go to work Tuesday.  Ahhh, it’s so nice to be a full time RVer.

We had a geek attack.  We invited  Jim & Chris Guld (Geeks On Tour) and Marilyn, (Chris’s mom), and Dave and Marilyn Anderson over for dinner.  We had some smoked pulled pork that I had made in Livingston and the trimmings that go with it.  As normal we fixed the world problems and had a good time sharing old stories. Since these were “old” stories we all must haven been just babies.  It was nice to have some fresh new stories.  Again we all were trying to share our stories at the same time.  That’s not unusual around RVers.  We all want to share our adventures.DSC_0001

Oh no the geek squad themselves.  The little green man in the background is watching.  I guess he is becoming the driving school’s mascot.DSC_0002


I’m not sure what they are doing here.  Maybe they’re glad it didn’t rain for a few hours. Maybe they’re  watching the squirrels. Either that or we are leaving them and they are really happy.DSC_0006

They know computer “stuff”.  They can be found at and geeksontour.blogspot.comDSC_0009

It was another great day and of course it’s Memorial Day.   It’s a true remembrance day of those that have given the ultimate price for others to enjoy the greatest freedom in the world.

See Ya…………..

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