Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Floats Your Boat


I’m looking at Kayaks for us again this year.  Seems like we are near water more and more and friends are getting or have Kayaks.  We might just get aboard (pun attended) with this sport.  Today I did research and talked with friends who own them. They come in different materials, you set in them or on them, different lengths and for different applications.  Of course color too.  Then you get into paddles and the other “stuff” like anything you get nowadays.  Nick Russell, http://gypsyjournal.net/blog/, said don’t buy until you ride. Nick recommended a place called Fluid Fun, http://www.fluidfun.com/. They have a river right behind their store and let you try several different kayaks before you buy.  That’s great and we are going to do it.  They are near Elkhart, IN so we will go there before the Escapees Tri Chapter Rally in Van Wert, OH towards the end of this month.  That’s after we go to VA and PA to “camp” with the relatives.

Tomorrow we go to the KOA at Bowling Green.  I’ve talked to KOA owner already and I got one of those gut bad feelings.  Time will till if the ole gut is still on course.  Maybe it’s the turkey burger we had over at David’s and Marilyn's last night.  It was our last dinner and walk with them until August.  Great people!

Well, it’s back to the Natchez Trace Parkway again tomorrow.  We will be on it to it’s end then on to Bowling Green, KY for the RVSEF Conference.

See Ya………………..

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