Thursday, June 24, 2010

Waiting due to poor service

Well, service work was distributed here at Freightliner early  this AM and we weren’t among it. I waited in the service office 45 minutes (2nd in line) to find out why.  Once I got to speak to the service rep a tech was at our rig 15 minutes later.  Opps, we were left off the work list.  About one hour later the tech diagnosed that an injector shorted out and in turn made two others stop working.  He left.  About an hour later I found the tech and asked what now. He said they (part dept) were trying to find one.  I asked about the driveshaft not being installed yet and the two recall items not being worked on.  He said he was pulled off our job to work on other trucks that came in after us.  Not good.  I went and saw the service manger and let him know that the tech didn’t finish the job yesterday AM (Wednesday) but could have.  Then the night crew blew us off and now our guy was pulled off our job today (Thursday).  He also informed me that it wouldn’t be ready until about 5/6 PM tomorrow (Friday). I was pissed and they knew they screwed up.  Bottom line – mechanics don’t like working on motorhomes because one they have to be careful about grease and the customers are more ….. alert to when they are being screwed.  RVers can get away calling Freightliner Hq and making a complaint. A company truck driver can not do that.  I know – been there done that.   So, I called Freightliner HQ and gave them just the facts.  Shortly there after the service manager here gave me a call and informed me they would do all the work except the injector -  now.  Then when the injector comes in tomorrow morning (Friday) they would start on the repair immediately.  Most of the repairs where completed in about 1 hour.  Now let’s wait till tomorrow AM.  Freightliner Hq also waived the $100 deductible because I should have been on the road today (Thursday).

Meanwhile the local area tied the all time temps high again today – 96 degrees two days straight.  Glad we’re not in Livingston.  Heard it was hotter.

Carol is out enjoying spending the $100 we saved.  The animals and I just laid around not trying to move to much.

If they get us out by 2/3 PM (1 hr work) we decided we will still go to Van Wert to the Escapees Tri Chapter Rally.  We told several people we would be there so we will be there!

Sorry for all the verbiage (no pictures) but I figure no one wanted to see pictures of broke down trucks.

See Ya…….maybe……

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