Monday, June 14, 2010

What A Week

Home sweet home.  This hospital just opened up the day before our son was admitted for his heart attack last Tuesday. He was their first heart attack and we were their first RV asking about parking.  This space was around back and no problems what so ever. Yes it’s been hot and that’s why motorhomes have generators and we use it in a heartbeat (pun intended of course).DSC_0001  

Back track… Yes we made it to VA by 10 AM to see our son.  He stayed in ICU until Friday (3 days). Then moved to a regular room and discharged the following day (Saturday).  Our daughter and husband flew out from CA and stayed until Monday.  All of us being here really helped his spirits.  He’s on 6 meds and two weeks off work.  We are helping him with some personal “stuff” and it will take awhile. It includes the local/federal government.  I will try to keep my mouth shut.

We are at a local C2C park until the 20th.  Then we will go to ?????? There are no other parks (cheap) around.  We have tentatively put our Northeast trip on hold/cancellation.  We plan to stay in the immediate area (3 states) with no rush to depart the east coast.

We (I) are still shopping for kayaks.  On paper it appears the Perception Prodigy 10/12 are winning. We were planning to go to Indiana this month and try out some kayaks in Elkhart as recommended by Nick Russell. That has gone by the wayside. We will plan a local kayak trip when things calm down around here to see if Carol wants to go down this road of kayaking.  She is scared of the water.  I told her we would get her three life vests.  One for her head, one for her chest and one for her legs.  She didn’t laugh….and is still considering it!

See ya…………………………

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