Saturday, June 5, 2010

It’s Great


When Denny & Susie got here this orange shirt flag appeared on our $40 a night campsite.DSC_0004

Then this can of Tabasco Spam with a picture on it showed up on Denny & Susie’s door.  It was an Ultimate Advantage!DSC_0001


About a half dozen vendors showing off their RVgoodiesDSC_0005 

Why are these newbies waiting in line.  Are they learning something new.  OH YEA!DSC_0008 

Ice Cream with ALL the trimmings to the max.  What a way reintroduce newbies to ice cream.DSC_0009


Wait a minute.  These people are not newbies.  What’s up with this.  I guess they’re wantabe newbies…. Denny looks like a fish going after a fishing lure.  Look at those eyes - what concentration.DSC_0019

RVSEF took all the instructors out to dinner at a local rib place. It was great.  Then a few of us sat out at a campfire until about 10:30 swapping stories like always.

See  Ya……………

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