Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Broke Down – Big Time


We left Fredericksburg about noon and headed northwest up thru Winchester and Rt 522 to I-68 & I-70.  About a 100 miles out it was time to stop.  As we were going on to an exit ramp into a rest area it happened.  The engine light came on “Check Engine”. We stopped and idled the engine up since we were coming off a a long drag up a hill .  All gauges were normal.  I looked under the coach for liquids – none.  I got back in the coach and turned the engine off. Waited about 15 minutes and turned it back on.  No power what so ever, barely would run and a very loud knocking from the engine.  It was broke.  We called Coach-Net Towing at 3:30PM.  A tow truck came at 11 PM.  We were towed 60 miles to Hagerstown Freightliner.  When the tow truck left us it was 2 AM.  Needless to say we were tired.

So here we sit with a broken motor in a truck repair shop (Freightliner).  Oh, isn’t full timing great.  Hey, “Everyday’s An Adventure.”DSC_0015

See Ya………..maybe

PS – we don’t have WiFi here but we can go down the road and get it, so things might be a little slow until we get the “word” on repairs.

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