Monday, June 28, 2010

Away We All Go

Eight of us went to Bob Evans for breakfast this morning and told each other our plans.  We got back to the fairgrounds and someone got stuck.    I won’t mention Larry & Marilyn Forbes names though.  We used a pick up and a tow strap and pulled them out. Welcome to the club.  No pictures – yet!

The fairground animals were waiting for us to leave so they continue on with not being interrupted.  Here we have a black squirrel.  Maybe I should say African-American.  I don’t know anymore.  He’s cute…….. DSC_0026

And these little cuties would even let you pet them.DSC_0029

We drove a whooping 100 miles to Howe, IN.  It’s a SKP discount park, C2C park and Passport America park.  We first came here back in the late 90’s.  Hasn’t changed one bit. Nice and quite.  Park on grass with 30AMP/water and some are even 50 AMP. DSC_0001-1

The friggin “Check Engine” remained on until I turned the engine off. I called Freightliner and they said to put coolant in it to the top.  I shined the wheels while Carol does the laundry down the road.  Tonight Walmart and try to find some place to send this stuff.  Our Datastorm is down.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is kayak day…stay tuned…

See Ya……

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