Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friggin Engine Light

We moved over to this spot Saturday AM and off the soft ground.  When we did the friggin CHECK ENGINE came on.  Hey, run it till the STOP ENGINE light comes on or blows.  DSC_0001-1

Susie Orr decided to put the laundry in front of my camera.  What can I say, it was too tempting.DSC_0002

Here are the Forbe’s (left) and the Orr’s.  We are behind the Orr’s.  Almost everybody left this morning.  We were number 57 and last rig to get here yesterday.DSC_0003-1

This couple purchased Joe Green’s New Horizon.  They’re members of Chp 6 and are getting ready to go full timing when their house sells.  I would say about 2020…..DSC_0004-1

There wasn’t many of us left come 4 o’clock Sunday.DSC_0007

We had the gathering in here because…..a storm was coming..and it hit us with rain.DSC_0013


Then the sky cleared up and all was well.DSC_0018


See ya……………

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