Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Running around- getting it…

This will be the last blog until we start traveling again. Our handicapped son is barely surviving in this society and has done so for over the last 10 years on his own.  He never wanted or accepted assistance for his evident learning disability from childhood.  Now with the heart attack and behind in his few bills and new ones, we are trying to have the mental health department help him out for the first time.  We have done what we can via support/money put he needs more now.  We are fighting for him. It’s really unbelievable what we have been told at social offices and the such.  We have submitted at the local level with nothing promising.  Now the Federal government tomorrow.  I can no longer write without being very negative about government agencies/officials.  This is a war on the health care system and it’s not what this blog is about.  So, check back once a month or send me your email address and I will let you know when the war is won. 

Defeat is not an acceptable end.

We will be back……………….

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