Friday, June 25, 2010


I wonder if the Duncan Company is still making Yo Yo’s.  If so, the management at Hagerstown,  Md Freightliner could get a job there very easy because they are bunch of Yo Yo’s for sure.  We got out of there at 6:30 PM.  They insisted that we stay there until they finished their paperwork.  Yea right!  We left with them saying you can’t do that. I had talked to Freightliner Hq twice about these Yo Yo’s so they know what’s going on.  Three days to diagnosis an injector and replace is not even close to being normal. It’s because we were a RV at a truck repair.  I’m sorry, I thought it said Freightliner and we are a truck…just a pretty one.  They’re jealous.

We drove about 150 miles towards Van Wert, OH.  The temps dropped with the sun going down and being in the mountains of WVa and PA.  It was nice.  We found a closed inspection station about 20 miles inside Pa off I-79.  Trucks don’t like parking in closed inspection stations because they are afraid they will open before they leave and want to look at their log books. Been there done that.  So, it turned out to be a very peaceful night.  Yes our jacks are down and slideouts are out.  It’s  an end space with plenty of room.DSC_0002

Of course our Datastorm (internet) is acting up.  Our blog will be a little late until we figure this out.  I will give Steve O’Bosky a call tomorrow or Sunday.  He’s really good….

Maybe we can find a Cracker Barrel tomorrow morning.

See Ya………………..

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