Monday, June 21, 2010

Unidentified Heard

Before we left Baltimore (Columbia area) I caught a glimpse of  unusual mammals traveling in a heard.  They are scarce in the roads we travel and very seldom seen in such an organized large heard. I was lucky to catch them with my fast action camera.   DSC_0029


This is Carol’s bro’s place that he built – yep he did. Of course he had other help but it was his plans and sweat.  He’s a master electrician so he does have connections. We look pretty small next to his garage.DSC_0031

His/our neighbors are pretty quite most of the time.DSC_0033

We left Baltimore at 7 PM to try and miss some of the DC traffic.  Well, who ever called everybody and told them that we would be on the road and to stay off – we appreciate it.  For some weird reason traffic was light to medium on the I-95 corridor. We got down to Fredericksburg about 9 PM (100 miles). We dropped off our son at his place and went looking for a night spot.

Here it is.  It was peaceful and no one bothered us. We ran the generator and both AC’s for about 30 minutes to cool us down. We watched TV until 10:30 PM and we called it a night. I took this pic about 5:30 AM Tuesday.  Yes, I’m an early riser.  DSC_0002

Tuesday we got to run around for our son.  His Doc said that CVS really over charged us on some of his meds.  We are going to go “talk” to them. Plus, we are going to see if he is eligible for food stamps. We should be on the road about 1PM or so.

See ya……………

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