Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Departed Howe, IN

We left Howe and was on the road about 8AM after a visit to the dump.

We went about 575 miles with several stops which included Walmart, a power nap, and Cabela’s Sporting Goods.  We ended up in Hagerstown, MD at a SAM’S.  It was nice and quite most of the night.  We forgot to take off that magnet on the side of the rig.  About 4 AM a tractor trailer parked next to us and he didn’t have an off switch for his motor.

Here our some pictures of the Forbes’ rig getting pulled out by the “gang” of Keystone Cops.

DSC00223 DSC00225 DSC00227 DSC00228

Luckily we had a fifth wheeler and could use his truck.  Denny Orr had the tow strap.  It was old like Denny and it broke.  The strap not Denny. The tow strap is a good “gadget” to have.

The skinny boats on the car did very well.  I think they cut my fuel mileage down in half…..not!

See ya.

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