Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kayaking Away We Go!

Well folks, 800 and some miles in two days and we arrive in Quinby, VA Thousand Trails (TTN).  Carol’s bro met us en route. The kayaks even made it.  The engine light continues to come on or should I say off and on.  We got full hook, 50 AMP facing away from the hot sun,  we got cell service, sat TV and even the Datastorm (internet) came on using the TV settings.  Too complicated to explain – it works. Hardly anybody at this campground and it’s so peaceful.  It’s located between two bodies of water and that means it’s kayak time.  Hey, RVing is outstanding and at its best right now. 

This is the first time we had our kayaks out except while purchasing them.  Carol is starting to enjoying this.  Is that a smile I see?SDC10254

Me too………..


Then it was Carol’s bro and girl friend.  He’s wearing the PFD (personal flotation device) upside down……………SDC10262

Carol is trying to get in head first for some reason. Here I thought she learned feet first.  Hey if it works…SDC10265

Wow, we were out for a 1/2 hour and now Carol is giving instruction.SDC10268

Hey, they took to water quick and were gone….SDC10272

Carol’s other bro will be here Saturday and will probably will try kayaking also.

I didn’t take my Nikon camera out yet.  First I have to really check out kayaking before I take a very expensive camera/lens out.  We took the little Samsung camera with a zip lock bag.  It took nice pictures.  We can’t find the charger for it so we are limited.  I think we left it Livingston.

When we got finished I couldn’t lift the 50 lb kayak (mine) over my head to put it back up on the car.  So Carol’s bro helped me.  I practice this six plus times at the sales place the other day in Elkhart, IN.  It was a major concern and rightfully so.  Carol's kayak weighs about 35 lbs – no problem. Tomorrow we will go out for a longer time.  I think we are about to learn about how boats effect kayaking.  When we get back I will see if Carol & I can lift it on top of the car. This could be a problem.  Ah, the things we have concerns about right now are so minor – it makes me smile…

Hey, the Escapees should have a seminar on kayaking.  Here’s a NEW subject…….

See Ya…………..

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