Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broke - Kinda

How are you kinda broke you ask.  It’s called waiting for approval then waiting for parts.  Today I was told that the EGR part would be under warranty and that it couldn’t be done until Monday.  So here come the jello plans that were setting up to get hard especially with the three reservations we had.  Oh well, we will cancel and make some more jello plans.  Not sure other than we will head west.

The Silverleaf engine monitoring product ($400) would not load into my computer.  Another “thing” to be worked out.

Well, we’re off to Front Royal, VA today for the weekend.  This was going to be our last outing with Carol’s brothers and then we leave for a year from there.  Now we just turn around and go back to Baltimore to get the Farton worked on.  We didn’t want to change all of our reservations for this weekend, etc.  So, let’s go kayaking……

Front Royal is a nice little town, nothing special other than it calls itself the Canoe Capital.  I guess because of the three rivers in the immediate area.  Skyline Drive is right here also.  From Baltimore it’s about a 100 miles west to the Cost to Coast Park – North Fork Resort.  50AMP FHU $10 bucks.  It sets right on the North Fork Shenandoah River.


Carol’s last bro and his young son pulled in about 8:30 PM.  Hey, the working people got to do that.SDC10500

Here’s a rare picture with Carol and her two bros.  She has two more bros out and about – one more in Maryland and the oldest in Texas.


See ya…………..

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