Friday, July 23, 2010

114 is hot so deal with it!

OK it’s HOT!  85 degrees inside the rig.  114 heat index! We turned the generator on and ran both AC’s to cool down.  Tomorrow 102 degrees actual temperature  but we will have 50 AMP at Carol’s bro place.  We moved a couple of sites down this morning here at this park.  We knew when we checked in we would have to move because a member wanted our spot – OK as long as I know ahead of time – no big deal.

The animals know where to keep cool – on the tile floor.   The tile floor has never gotten hot.  SDC10465

They don’t move.  They have taught us to walk around them.SDC10466

Carol says she saw one.  Carol was on meds too!SDC10476


Here’s our house that we left 10 years ago as of last month.  The RV site was next to the garage.  We lived here for of 7 years.  I spent my last 2 years in the Marine Corps stationed at Quantico which is up Interstate 95 about 30 miles.  SDC10473

Tomorrow we move to “ballmor” (Baltimore) for a few days.  Steve Obosky sent me a datastorm part that I will exchange out with mine that needs reprogramming.  Steve has been great over the years with my inability to “work” the datastorm.  If you  need a new one or used one – He’s the “man” to go out of your way to see.  We had the internet datastorm even in Alaska and it worked great.  We have jello plans to go again next year.  Want to go?

See ya……….

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