Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shiny Rig & Po Po

This morning about 7AM I washing the Farton.  It wasn’t that dirty but I don’t see an opportunity to wash it again anytime soon. I use Meguiers products when it comes to washing and waxing.  I waxed this thing in April.  I had one paint expert tell me that all wax jobs only last 4-6 weeks in hot weather.  I’m starting to believe that.  Tiffin has worked on this paint job twice.  What I have learned is that they compounded and then used a filler wax.  It looks real good until the wax disappears.  I waxed this in April and the swirls are already back.  They will be really back by the time “Bob Tifffin” sees it in Oct at the Pomona RV Show.  He said that he would look at it “again”.  Now he tells me swirls are normal.  Two years ago I was told I was crazy and that this rig had swirls because I did something to the paint and I was the only one with the problem.  Two years have past and now they (Tiffin) say it is normal.  I say “bull po”. If customers accept wrongs long enough it does become normal but not correct.

After I washed the rig (& car) I wiped it down.  The water spots weren’t too bad but it really looks good without any.  Wheels – they are pretty shiny but need a machine cleaning.  I was done in a couple of hours.  Then there was a boo boo.  This time I put the slides in before I washed the rig.  I wanted to get above the slide outs, etc.  Well, our little doggie did a poo poo and I brought the slide in and over it.  I didn’t know it until I put the slide out.  Of course it’s the only place we have carpet – the bedroom.  Would anybody like a little hairy doggie.  This is her second accident in several months but………… 

Washing your RV while full timing is something that you have to be on top of.  Some campgrounds have been going thru a phase the last several years it seems.  First it was free, then $5 or even $10 to wash and now it seems to be more of no washing at all.  I’m sure there are a lot of reasons for this trend.  Bottom line it’s something I do when ever I get a chance.  If you have your RV washed like at Blue Beacon ($36) make sure they also dry it ($15).  The soap they use is very strong and it leaves bad streaks when it dries on paint or stripes.  It’s common for me to wipe down the rig with a bucket and several rags when I can’t wash it normally.  I try to wash the front end due to the bugs every time we stop overnight.  The bug do do eats paint and paint coverings like Diamond Shield.  I have to take more care of the Diamond Shield than I would if it was just paint in the front.  No more Diamond Shields – too much EXTRA care than the paint itself.

Oh, back track, I have the Datastorm internet dish up and running automatically now.  Steve O’Bosky sent me a part to use while he reprograms my part that I sent back to him yesterday.  I did the swap out and then called him and he lead me thru the initialization stage.  Works fine.  Thanks Steve.

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