Monday, July 12, 2010


Yep, it’s raining and we are just doing much of nothing, getting caught up on “things to do list”. I always have a list.  Just haven’t gotten into the habit of looking at it a lot.

I am working on our Alaska trip 2011 a little bit.  I am using Microsoft Streets & Trips program which I really love.  Doing an itinerary for Alaska is to give us and those that will be going along a reference point.  It’s a trip in jello as we full timers say.  It’s a rough plan to work from.  We are thinking about breaking the US/Canada border about 19-22 May.  We can give and take on this depending on the others schedule.  In the past we have gone up just after Memorial Day.  We are more anxious now than in the years past for some reason.  We normally don’t see much sight seeing in Canada except for around the Jasper and Banff National Parks on the way back down.  They are really nice to drive thru.  Plenty of animals and people of course.  We have stopped at Glacier National Park before but after being in Alaska then going to Glacier is like going to a kiddy park.  It’s OK, it’s just that you have just seen bigger and better.  We should be doing about 100 to 150 miles a day on the days we drive.  A few shorter and one or two longer. Right now it’s about 6K miles total border and return border and about 67 days which is very, very  flexible.  Cost – “priceless”.

See ya…………….

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