Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time To Service The RV

Baltimore Freightliner is where we get our RV serviced.  Why – Carol’s bro is a Tech/Mechanic there but more important he’s a damn good mechanic. I spent six  hours there today.  Well, the EGR valve is bad and it’s not covered under warranty bottom line.  The part is $600.  I go back tomorrow to get a regeneration done on the emission system (warranty)and talk more about this EGR thing.    It’s the probable cause of my decrease in power and fuel mileage.  Friggin Farton.



I guess you could say it’s a little tight.SDC10498

I got the SilverLeaf program/plugs today via UPS.  Denny Orr has one and speaks very highly of it.  It’s a program that plugs into a dataport under the dash like the techs do.  It basically tells just about everything about the engine via your computer.  Well, the computer the cat jumped on and broke back in November – I fixed it. It’s basically empty so it will be perfect.  Now I have to do is install it.  That might take some time the way I’m with computers as some of you know first hand.

See Ya…………….

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