Monday, July 26, 2010


Our plans were to go to Michigan and meet Sharon & Don and do some kayaking.  Don the Navy guy fell off a ladder and broke “stuff”.  So they now have new plans based on his recovery.  Our plans have gone from being firm back to jello and now back to firm.  We will continue with our plans to go to Michigan and do some kayaking.  We just won’t have the expertise of a Navy man.  There goes the taxi service of the Navy.  Don – get better quick so you can taxi this Marine around.  Susie - I can fix that wrist with a little bit of duck tape and epoxy glue. 

We will have about three weeks to mess around and kayak some of those big lakes that they have up there in MI.  The route will be in jello with only one reservation so far.  We will make more once we get to Munising, MI.  We’re scheduled for 7 days and will decide when we get there if we should move sooner.  We don’t stay too long where we don’t particularly like the area, campground, people or weather.

We will be doing several seminars at Nick’s rally next month.  How about one on Alaska, two on driving – duh, maybe one on kayaking for beginners.  I think that is it without looking at my notes.  I plan on taking hundreds of pictures while there to share.  Nick’s blog is  His blog is not bad for a rookie – just kidding Nick… I'm the rookie for sure.  I was talking to Butch, a friend of at least several decades, about Alaska last night.  He came over and we fixed most of the world problems.  All it took was several beers.  Back to Alaska – as you have heard before we have jello plans to go in 2011 again.  Wednesday the Farton goes to Baltimore Freightliner for a M3 service (heavy duty).  This will hold us over till we get back from Alaska service wise.  Our 6 house batteries are real good as our the tires, etc.  A lot can happen between now and then but there is nothing wrong with having jello plans and adjust accordingly.  You have to be like that in this life style or you would drive yourself crazy not being in control.  Being in control and doing what you want to do is nice but not always the case.  Hey, poo happens a lot – adjust accordingly – it will get better most of the time – I have been told that so it must be true.

Well, guess I will go wash the rig before the sun hits it.  Have some jello on me……

See ya………..

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