Saturday, July 17, 2010

Recovery Day

Yep we were all exhausted from the kayak trip the day before and it took it’s toll. We first headed out to the local flea market and got there about 9:30.  It was already getting hot.  Carol & I wandered around for about an hour looking at “stuff”.  Carol got a coke tray and an additional cat serving tray.  We got some tomatoes, tangerines & zucchini.  The tangerines turned out to be really good.

We got back at the ranch and took naps, watched TV, took naps, ate lunch, napped, walked the dog, napped, straighten the kayak stuff up/dry out, napped a little, then it was time for dinner. Carol’s in the background and her brother, David and his wife Tammy are setting at the table.  David is a mechanic at Baltimore Freightliner and he’s a damn good mechanic bottom line.  If you don’t have a mechanic on the east coast – he’s the one you want.  That’s their RV we are at.  Their kids are running around somewhere.SDC10446

After all the napping we stayed up after midnight even Carol….Her and Tammy were doing music on the IPod. David and I watched NASCAR (the wannabees) and then Saturday Night Live.  The humor has changed in that show.  It was a calm day and we all finally went to bed.

See ya…………………

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