Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flea Market & Double T

We got up early to go to this little flea market about 20 miles away.  We skipped breakfast beforehand due to the temps.SDC10493

I saw this car in the parking lot.  This person had everything you would ever want at your finger tips while driving.  The rest of the car was the same.SDC10492

It took about a 1/2 hour to walk around.  Good ole flea market for the person wanting to find used stuff.  Not items that are new and someone trying to run a business.  This was just a good old fashion flea market where Joe the plumber brings his “stuff”. The produce was from the sellers gardens too.  We got a yellow (inside) watermelon.  It was sweet and plenty of seeds.SDC10494


After that we went to the Double T Diner for our late breakfast.  They should call it Double The Price.  The first diner was around Baltimore about the early sixties.  It’s where we would go when everything else closed after a night of partying.  Now there are 6 or so of them and they have gotten all fancy and prices to match.  We picked from the seniors menu and it made the price more manageable. “The food was sufficient in quantity and quality.”  This was a standard phrase I used to write in the duty officer log books during my duty days in the USMC.  Wow, I just realized the Marine corps taught me to be a food critic before I got old.  They also taught me to properly fall off things like ladders.  I guess the Navy didn’t do that, right Don?  Don fell off his ladder the other day and broke his wrist and ankle.  I bet he looks funnier when he walks.  He’s doing OK and Sharon will keep me posted with his condition.  He’s in ICU pending operations.  Their trying to find a Marine Dr to work on him., just kidding, smile Don.  He’s probably smiling at the wall with the meds he’s on.SDC10495

Don, we all wish you a speedy recovery…we will be coming by to see you and give you instructions on the proper use of a ladder.

Later that day a weather front came through.  Whoa is what I say.  According to the hippy dippy weatherman it moved in doing 55 MPH with gusts to 70 MPH.  I don’t know about the MPH but boy did it move through fast along with heavy rains.  My temps here went from 96 degrees to 77 degrees in under 15 minutes.  It was nice the rest of the evening.

See Ya………….

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