Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hauling kayaks

Hauling Kayaks for us is still in the learning stage.  We have full covers for the cockpits.  We figured this will be less wind drag on the kayaks going down the road.  Less chance of the wind catching inside of them and thus less strain on the straps and roof rack carriers.  Then we decided to put our life jackets and paddles in them also.  The paddles are OK but the life jackets had a tendency to get wet from condensation. So they now will go in the car.  We aren’t going to use front and rear tie down ropes for additional holding down of the kayaks.  They just don’t need it and they are a bother hooking them up and bothersome driving down the road with ropes coming across the hood.  The roof top carriers alone are just fine.  This might come back and bite me in the butt down the road.  Lifting the skinny boats at 38+ plus pounds over my head and landing them in the roof racks is one of those things where you “Just Do It”.  I don't have that down where I’m comfortable yet.  I “Just Do It”.  Getting them off the roof is easy when Carol helps.  A little tricky by myself.  I wondered why they made the front noses of these things so thick.  It’s so when they hit the ground coming off the roof I don’t break anything.

Scratches become the norm evidently, at least where we have been. SDC10448



This one is mine and it’s a wide body for a wide body – more stable than that skinny minnie.SDC10450 

We had to get a small step ladder to reach the ropes on the backside of the roof boat holders.SDC10452

The kayaking inventory of “stuff” is growing.  Of course we needed every item so far – as always when you buy something, right?SDC10451


OK, something new.  It’s an invisible electric pet fence that normally you would bury in the ground.  This camper didn’t bury it but laid it on top of the ground and put little flags around it.  My thought – who looks for and picks up all the poo? Who wants the neighbor dog at the edge of your site.  I say not only no but Hell NO! This neighbor never let the dog out – thank goodness because I would have been in the park’s office whining.  This is out of the grey area.  It’s one step beyond of tying your dog out and going inside.SDC10447

Here’s Carol’s bro pulling out and heading home about 100 miles away.  This is a usual sight on Sunday’s for full timers.  We set and watch the weekenders leave.  This was a pretty quite campground this past weekend with a very active swimming pool.SDC10461

We have another day here.  I got to take my Nikon down to the local state park to get some pictures that my little Samsung wouldn’t take.  This will be hard to believe so I won’t give the details tell I get the pictures.  It’s unbelievable until you see it.  You know it’s one of those stories of show me the proof. I will get it tomorrow.

See ya……


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