Thursday, July 22, 2010

Water Water Pressure

Well (pun intended as you will see), not much water pressure inside the rig.  First I disconnected my three large filters in the water compartment.  No difference.  The fourth filter, on the right - factory, turned out to be the problem.  I took the filter out of the filter casing and the pressure rose inside the rig.  I put a new sediment filter in the factory filter casing and the pressure remained good.  I did not hook up the extra three.  I will wait tell I get back to Carol’s bro’s place this weekend.  They were all 3 months old.  I think we picked up some dirty water at TTN Va Landing.  Carol checks the quality of our water where there is any doubt. She has one of those testers and it works pretty good – it seems.

I usually have two sediment, one charcoal and one charcoal block filters.  Carol likes her water.  Maryland and Virginia have good water where we go.DSC_0027


This was suppose to be a damn good water gauge (glycerin filled) and adjustable regulator.  Key word is suppose to be.  This is the second one.  The first one went bad and I got it replaced by the seller.  The seller was the water filter guy at the big Flea Market in Yuma.   Now this gauge is reading about 6 lbs off again.  It doesn’t return to zero when disconnected. Junk…… I will probably get an additional gauge from Lowes and install on this so I can adjust the flow correctly.DSC_0026

I went to Lowe’s and made this water gauge ($26) and put it together just to test the expensive one.  How do you like the pink pipe tape? It read 50 lbs while the expensive one read 57 lbs.  Only 25 feet of hose separated the two.  I trust my gauge that I built.DSC_0025

So, that’s the number of that.

It got to 91 degrees today.  THAT was in our rig, no joking.  We decided to cook dinner in the convection oven.  AND we have to turn off the only AC we can run on 30 AMPS.  Wellllllllllllll let me tell you it got friggin hot about dinner time.  We turned on the generator for about 30 minutes and cooled the inside down below 80 degrees.  I don’t think we will cook in hot weather again with only 30 AMPS. … It’s amazing we didn’t learn this before now.  That means we will forget again and will probably due it again and then say “Oh yea”.

See Ya   …Dennis

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