Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Friggin Hot !

Hey, when they talk about temps about 100 degrees here it’s time to leave – kinda.  Glad Bob and Molly are in Livingston where it’s not hot.  It don’t figure.  I guess I teased them to much and now we are paying the price.  Oh well…. Tomorrow we go back to Baltimore via Fredericksburg and visit our son on our way up.  We also have to stop and get our Demco tow bar checked out.  It doesn’t unlock when it’s time to unhook.  What a pain in the butt.  I have talked to Demco Hq and they are very nice and are trying to help as much as possible.

Oh, temps in the 90s and RV refrigerators don’t work real good.  Now it hits 100 degrees and ours is kinda working.  Freezer stuff is getting a little soft and the frig itself is near 50 degrees inside.  the setting is on the coldest and we tried switching to LP.  Seems like I remember someone saying that they run colder on LP.  Well, not ours.

Follow up on the dirty water filter.  We flushed the fresh water system/tank and removed all devices such as water pressure/gauges.  Wow, nice clean water again.  When we get to Baltimore I will clean each one of our devices and reinstall.

Anybody want to buy a new 12’ kayak.  It’s too heavy for me.  $650 plus new, used $$$$$ make a good offer.

Carol said I had to put this pic that she took on the blog.  It’s a red light on Pleasure House Road.  She said you have to really think about it.  Pleasure House and red light district.  Hey, a happy woman is a happy man….


See ya…………………

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