Friday, July 16, 2010

Go Girl!

Well, we thought an eight mile kayak trip was a lot.  It took us 6 hours with a short stop and that’s a lot of paddling. Then I found out afterwards it was really a 12 mile trip due to a minor miscalculation…oppps. We all got sunburn even though we thought we were prepared.  Carol did a dump in the rapids.  I heard words that I haven’t heard for over 20 years.  She would of made an old sailor blush.  Whew, was she ever mad.  I tried to go up the rapids twice to save the damsel in distress but the rapids were just to strong to go against.  She learned a lot such as not to go into rapids sideways. I learned to stay away from her for about an hour afterwards. No pictures of this exciting Kodak moment.  I did get some pictures to include one poor one of an eagle. Here we go and no special order. The blowup yellow kayak is Carol’s bro and heard.

SDC10358 SDC10359 SDC10360 SDC10361 SDC10363 SDC10366 SDC10371 SDC10374 SDC10377 SDC10378 SDC10380 SDC10381 SDC10388 SDC10394 SDC10398 SDC10400 SDC10409 SDC10411 SDC10414 SDC10418 SDC10420 SDC10422 SDC10424 SDC10429 SDC10436 SDC10437 SDC10440 SDC10441

I’m still not sure what are class I and class II rapids are.  I think Carol can explain a little about rapids in general.  Cover your ears though.

We got back to the rigs about dark and had hamburgers and cold beer.  Others went to bed but I won’t mentioned Carol’s name.

It was great even though a little rough for all at different times.

See Ya………

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