Saturday, July 24, 2010

9 PM and 90 Degrees

Here’s our son getting ready to go to work Friday night.  He works the night shift and wakes up when he gets there. He resembles me or Carol…….SDC10480


We had 100 miles to go today up to Carol’s bro place up near Baltimore.  That’s north on I-95 around DC.  The best time to drive this is maybe Christmas morning about 5 AM.  We had no trouble although traffic was heavy at times especially south bound. SDC10482


We get to Baltimore and settle in to our place next to the garage which is great.SDC10488

Then one of Carol’s other brother’s come over with his canoe that was retired about 15 years ago.  He’s going to patch it up and plans to use it next weekend.  He hasn’t figured out how to haul it and his 30 foot 5th wheel yet.SDC10485


Now here I am working.  Carol’s other brother is helping me fix our awning.  I’m the one holding the ladder.  I’m even using my left foot and hand at the same time. Speaking of ladders – Don Del Rosario (Sharon’s Don) fell off a ladder yesterday and broke his ankle and wrist.  I think Don the Navy guy didn’t want to kayak in the same water with a Marine – me. Him being Navy I would want a taxi ride.   When I fall off ladders I try to land on my head so I don’t break anything. They don’t call us “jarheads” for nothing.SDC10490

It was 90 degrees at 9 PM.  It’s now 6AM and it’s 82 degrees.  Another scorcher for sure.

See Ya………………..

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