Tuesday, July 13, 2010


As you all know we have a 40’ Tiffin Phaeton that I refer to as a Farton.  Well, I called the head far#)*^%….Tiffin guy, Bob Tiffin today.  On going paint issues, slide leak since new, driver side large window fogging up and now our Flexsteel driver and passenger seats are coming apart. He said that they will cover everything except the paint and that he wants to see it.  He said this time they would run the coach into a pressure air/water test area for the leak, recover the seats, and replace the window.  For the first time he admitted that ALL their full paint RVs had swirls in the paint.  Two years ago it was no such thing as swirls in the paint.  Piss poor paint jobs over all that I have seen personally being there at Red Bay. “Bob” said that he would take a look at it.  He will being staying at the same KOA we will be at during the RVIA Pomona Show in LA in October.  Maybe I can get a dinner out of him – NOT! I would be stuttering and slobbering so much I couldn’t eat – NOT!  I won’t get the rig to Red Bay until December to do the work.

Today I also took the kayaks off the roof of the car to rethink the straps that hold them in.  The straps just don’t adjust right.  I learned a lesson and that was not to wear glasses while taking things boats off the car.  I dropped one on my face (glasses) and it put a gash on my cheek bone.  I bled about 8 quarts of blood and now I look like Scarface.  I did get the straps to where they would pull better.  Then I remounted them on the car without my glasses on.

Then it began to rain and it poured down.  I thought I was going to have to get the boats down again.

See Ya.

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