Friday, July 9, 2010

Ringo Star

Ringo Star is who had his 70th birthday the other day.  Now I feel old how about you?

We left TTN Chesapeake about 8AM and headed toward Baltimore with a couple of important stops.  First was RV Service Of VA to check out our Demco tow bar that wasn’t working right.  I called Demco last week and they have really gone over board on getting our tow bar checked out.  RV Svc of VA said yep the tow bar was not doing what it was suppose to.  They called Demco.  Next thing you know I had the Demco Regional Rep show up.  He asked what could he do.  I said give me the new Demco tow bar there on display.  They did and they all helped install it.  They wanted my tow bar to check out what made it brake.  We left very happy… personal customer care …  they really wanted to help and know what happen to their product and keep us as a customer. 

Next stop was our son’s to help him get his meds refilled.  We went to Walmart with him and the bill was $28 for four meds.  The same meds CVS got $150 last month.  Screw CVS!

Next thing we know it was 2 PM and we had 100 miles to go and had to go up I-95 and around DC.  What a traffic jam.  We took our time – no choice and watched the idiots jump all around in stop and go traffic for about 30 miles below and around DC.  It was a zoo but we knew it so it wasn’t that bad. 

We arrived in Baltimore (Columbia) and I threw on some country pork ribs for family.  We even got a visit from David one of Carol’s other brother.  He’s the diesel mechanic that works at Baltimore Freightliner and who will be servicing our RV in a few weeks.  We all had some COLD beer and the night ended about 11 PM  - all is well.

See Ya……..

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