Thursday, July 8, 2010

Humid, Birthday, Breakfast, Marine, etc…

It’s 9 AM and the temp is already 90 degrees in the shade next to our rig.  We got a running start this morning with the ACs.  We fired both of them at 6AM and it’s 71 degrees inside.  Later today it will get in the low to mid 80s (inside) with them running continually. Temps not high today but the humidity is thru the roof.  It  dropped down to 84 degrees outside by 3 PM.  The humidity is 508%, well maybe not quite that high.

So, what famous music star person in a group from the 60’s/70’s had a birthday yesterday and turned 70.  No not a Rolling Stone member.  He use to play a conductor on a child show. He belonged to a band that changed the world of music.  No, not Paul of the Beatles.  It was and everybody will know when I say his name.  His name is a real ringer.  Ahhhhh, tomorrow….maybe

We went to this little family restaurant this morning for breakfast.  Here everybody knew everybody and when they arrived they called each other by their first name.  they didn’t even have name badges.  We enjoy this local type atmosphere.  We listen in on their local conversations which were interesting.  They were all older than us and that was good.  Good breakfast and a fair price ($11). SDC10294

I saw this woman walking on the street.  I guess she’s a “street walker”.SDC10298


A famous engineer built this courthouse.  I guess it runs in the blood.SDC10295


A local resident received the Medal Of Honor during WW II and not posthumously.SDC10299


Speaking of Honor - here’s one Marine that has made his mark while he was alive too.SDC10296

General Puller, Chesty Puller, United States Marine that is. This highway was named for him and he is buried nearby.  A Marine’s Marine for sure.  The most decorated Marine – “EVER”.  I met his son also a decorated Marine.  I met his son when I was working in the Marine Corps Command Center in D.C.  That’s another story.  Gen Puller received FIVE Navy Crosses (2d highest award), Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Two Legion of Merit’s, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for several wounds to include being shot by a sniper - twice.  I mention him and his awards because it should never be forgotten.  ALL Marines know his name.  Among his quotes during battle was one when he was surrounded by the enemy and said something like “ I got them where I want them now” or something like that.  He was a tough buzzard that stood up for his Marines/all Marines..  He did not get along with the Army.  He has numerous stories of his public dislike for their battle tactics.  He is buried near  Saluda, VA.  He died of old age and knowing he was among the world’s best – The United States Marine Corps. Most people don’t know but General Puller was a cousin to none other than General Patton (Army).  The Marine Corps mascot is named in his honor.  It’s an English Bulldog named “Chesty” the eighth I believe. He is stationed at 8th & I, Wash D.C.  The German’s named the Marines they fought in battle “Devil Dog” .  So much for your military history class.  You will be tested.

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