Friday, July 30, 2010

Eating, Kayaking & Playing – oh what a life!

We’re camping so we eat outdoors and kinda healthy.SDC10513

It disappears quick!SDC10518

Trying it on for size.SDC10515

We went out for 5 hours.  We went up river against the slow moving water.  About 3 up and 2 back with the flow.  We had to get out of our floating devices 3-4 times because the rapids were too shallow. You have to do it – no choice.  No big deal after a while. SDC10522

Here’s Dad almost tipping the canoe over but didn’t.SDC10525

the water was about 6 inches to a foot most of the time.  The small rapids we encountered both coming and going were not that difficult at all.  The water was nice and cool and it wasn’t screaming hot out either.  Just right….SDC10526 SDC10528


Then came some more play time.  Hey, when was the last time you had a good old fashion water fight.  Of course I was the only so called adult.  I even got a Gatorade thrown on me.  We had a blast and ended up laughing a lot.SDC10531



I took three showers this day.  It was another fun day in paradise…..

Tomorrow we go to the flea markets and then will try another kayaking adventure.

See ya………

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