Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Still Broke

What is Paradise when you are broke – if you are a trucker and looking at our setup.


A Freightliner tech came out about 10 AM Wednesday to diagnosis the problem.  On his Freightliner shirt his stitched  name was Rookie.  It took him about 45 minutes to find the engine.  Well, it was from the inside rear and covered very well with carpet.  He hooked up his computer and said “Oh!”.  Not a good term around a RVer.  He started the engine and immediately turned it off.  He said, Yep, it’s broke”. I don’t remember what he said but I evaluated it as it could be this or that or even maybe something else.  If its “this” it would take a few days.  If it was “that” it could take a lot longer.  And if it was “something else” it would have better to let it burn.  He said he would check with his boss to see what to do next.  I went in to the service desk about 3 PM to get an update.  “Oh they all went home and we are the new shift.”  “We will look at it later tonight.”  They close at 11PM.  We might make Ohio by Christmas.

This is our driveshaft next to the tire.  I guess you could say I got a “stumpy.”  Notice those shiny wheels?DSC_0002-1

As you can see we are really living high the hog with this 110V outlet.  Good thing it only hit 96 degrees today vice 100.DSC_0003-1

No tech tonight.  Send Christmas cards to us via Hagerstown, MD

See ya in the far future……………

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