Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We got reminded why we don’t stay at KOA - $$$$$.  $40 a night is way to much and this is not a $40 a night park in our book of RVing.  And that’s with a discount!  I asked to see the site BEFORE we paid.  They had us in the next to worst spot in the park.  That was simple to fix – we need a better spot or we leave – it was that simple.  They were VERY obliging I must admit in finding us a much more desirable spot.  $40 bucks a night with a discount!? I’m going to have to work…. They (KOA) kept referring to us as “campers” and said they even had firewood for us to purchase. I kept my mouth shut and thanked them for moving us “campers” around so I could have a better work environment in our camper home.  Susan, the owner, was VERY nice.

It friggin poured down rain about 4 PM for about a 1/2 hour or so.  I went out and washed the bugs off the front of our “camper”.  That was nice.  I had a bar of soap too and took care of personal hygiene at the same time. Hey, it’s only water.  Oh, it cooled us down from the 90 degrees. It got even wetter when a Newell coach pulled in next to us.  It got wet from be drooling all over it.  Probably about 1.5+ mil and it looked like it.  It’s a nice “camper”!

I gotta go do a lesson tomorrow AM.  They got a sight next to us and that will work out real nice.

See Ya……….

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