Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue Tarp RV


Just before we left Tiffin, a 2010  Tiffin came in and a blue tarp was immediately put over his entire roof.  He went under a bridge trestle and took everything off, two ACs, Sat dome and even his ladder.  Two things must of went wrong.  He (or she) wasn’t paying attention and was speeding.  Enough said.

Here’s one of “those” things that can get you in trouble real quick – low over passes.  Do you know what your actual clearance is?  Not what the book says! Measure your height, width, length, write it down, laminate it and keep it around the driver area.  It will come in handy.  Oh, learn to read signs also….

This is just within a 1/4 mile of the entrance to TTN Natchez Trace Campground.  It is well marked by the marks by those that didn’t know their height or weren’t paying attention.  I got a personal campfire story to tell about an 18 wheeler and bridge trestles.  Ask me at a campfire.




Dave and Marilyn  Anderson came over for a mutual cookout.  We cooked corn on the grill in the husk.  We have always liked that.  They really have a rich flavor cooking them on the grill in the husk.  We got the corn at Wal-Mart earlier that day for 19 cents each.  That’s seems to be a pretty good price nowadays. Then we had our tuff steaks and good sweet tater fries on the grill also.  We sat out and ate.  Seems like it’s been awhile since we did that. The four of us were gabbing a lot.  It’s hard to carry on four conservations at once.  We are all talkers even Carol.  I think all of us can talk and listen at the same time some how.

See Ya…………

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