Monday, May 17, 2010

Cricket’s & Cats

We have met three RV Driving School students here at Tiffin campground.  “Margie” and Roger and then “Bob” and “Tiz”.  It’s real nice meeting them and hearing their newbie stories.  Roger (non student) has creased their RV since SHE took the course.  No comment…. Anyhow, they have a cricket cart and it’s pretty neat.






Margie & Roger have been full timing since 2009 and are enjoying everyday. They are SKPS. They are now planning to attend the Gypsy Journal Rally and the Escapade in Indiana this fall. They are now en route to the west coast to see ??????????? They have the tiniest little doggies.DSC_0020

Now here is our lug basking in the morning light for all to see!!!!!!!!DSC_0009

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